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NYS Excelsior Vaccine Passport

Below is One Proponent's Letter to the Adirondack Daily Enterprise

To the editor:

The Excelsior Pass touted in a coronavirus update from Gov. Cuomo (March 31) and mentioned in the New York Times on April 4 (“Here’s what you need to know about your vaccine card”) is all fluff.

We both went through the online form multiple times, but it did not allow us to select the correct date of our second vaccination, and the pass was denied. The help line (844-699-7277) is not helpful. The person answering told us to fill out the form again using an app, which, predictably, gave the same negative result. We also responded to a “feedback and support” section of the app, complaining of our inability to obtain Excelsior Passes, and were advised to use our vaccination cards since we couldn’t get the passes. New York state should either fix the Excelsior Pass system or remove it.

Michael C. Sinclair

Phyllis Sinclair