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The New Mind, Body & Souls

Mind, Body & Souls website was first started several years ago to share information to help keep us well or to get us to our goal of being well. Our blog at the time featured posts about healthy food, essential oils and disease alternative protocols.

As we go forward with our new site we will not only include what we previously did, but we will include posts about current event concerns in our lives and actions we can take to make a positive difference in our world as well. Like before we will feature posts, links and videos; which will all be shareable. There also is a calendar of events that we will keep up to date, so that it will be easy to find what's going on around us.

New to the site is our forum where you can have a voice. You can read any of our blog or forum posts at anytime. To add to the forum you just have to signup to be a member.

Let's make this a positive and productive website for our health....mind, body and souls.

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